Reusable Smoothie/Bubble Tea Cup 600ml

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These leak-proof reusable smoothie cups and bubble tea cups are the perfect complement to our eco-friendly glass straws!

The silicone lid plug is leak-proof so you can bring a smoothie, juice, or bubble tea in the bag whenever you’re on the go.

The lids are from EcoJarz and they fit any wide-mouth Mason Jar if you wish to change to a different size jar. However, we believe this size is ideal for smoothies, juices, bubble-teas, and even water.

Check out our Smoothie or Bubble Tea bundles to save money if you’re looking for a reusable straw too!

Product Details

Size: approx. 600ml
Material: Glass jar, stainless steel top lid, blend of steel and tin jar band, & high quality FDA-grade silicone plug.

Dishwasher safe & BPA-free. Not suitable for hot drinks. Available in BROWN, BLUE or GREEN silicone plug.

Q: “Glass?! Does that mean they’ll break easily?”

A: seastraws are made out of a material called Borosilicate glass (similar to Pyrex style glass) which is a sturdy glass.